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JUNCTION 2016: Let’s play hackers to improve Mobility!

EMBERS will be part of the next Junction, happening in Helsinki on the last weekend of November, and brings an awesome challenge to all the participants. Get ready to be “EMBERED”! What is Junction? It’s the place where no idea is too crazy and thinking outside the box is encouraged. It is nothing less than a converging point for over thousand of developers, designers and entrepreneurs from all around the world. That’s why EMBERS couldn’t miss this huge hackathon experience happening on 25-27th November in Helsinki, Finland! We will be surrounded by the latest hardware, APIs and, of course, the most genius minds. We want to take advantage of it, making them think about how to, in fact, improve Mobility for the Future. That will be the EMBERS Challenge in Junction 2016! Do you think that you have all that it takes (and really want to win some cool gadgets)? Then you should get ready to show us how you would use EMBERS infrastructure to improve mobility experiences of people in smart cities – and consequently their quality of life – by connecting it to the physical world with innovative services and applications.  

Integration of data is the key to success

To do it, participants will have access to the EMBERS infrastructure, which consists of hundreds of sensor nodes, tools for sensor emulation, real city data and historical data sets. Plus: all available information either from EMBERS or pushed by the hackers is fed into the platform, that makes it available through open and well-documented APIs. Participants need to bring their creativity to impress our judges. Besides expertise, creativity is actually the primary factor in using EMBERS APIs to solve this technical complex challenge. We are looking not only to be one of the Junction’s several partners supporting determined hackers in co-creating fun projects but also to find developers that can reveal the high potential of our platform. Let’s do it!