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Beyond2020: Growing overseas

Have you heard about Beyond2020? It is a three-day international event with a mission focused on gathering companies, startups, decision makers and city representatives to present and discuss innovative solutions for Smart Cities, using “the concepts of the Future”. In order to prepare the discussion, which happens only in the last day, there are two days of connection and knowledge exchange with several panels and workshops centred on the future of the Cities, Politics, Citizens, Local Development and Tourism, based on the use of Open data Platforms. Therefore, FIWARE has to be discussed. As so, no one better than Rui Costa, CEO of Ubiwhere, to be the leader of a workshop on the subject, happening on the second day. After all, Ubiwhere, a member of the EMBERS consortium, is one of the partners of this event. Being a part of something like Beyond2020 is not only an excellent opportunity to get in touch with different realities but also the acknowledgement of the company’s will to grow overseas, nurturing its creativity from Aveiro to the world. This year is Beyond’s 2nd edition, and it happens in Olinda, Brazil, from 27th to 29th July. Know more at