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EMBERS meets with SMEs and developers

Imagine walking or driving through a city and the city itself tells you what the state of the roads is, where to park your car at that moment, or which areas to avoid because of traffic congestion. With EMBERS, this vision becomes a reality, and your city is already communicating with its citizens. On the 5th and 6th of July, in Berlin, the consortium team will gather in a plenary session for which developers and SMEs are invited to participate. The goal of this meeting is to present EMBERS potential and to test its applicability by engaging developers in implementing/enhancing their solutions with it. EMBERS aims at being a flexible and open product integrating the needs of the developers and final users and promoting a multidisciplinary construction process. In order to better test EMBERS potential training and testing activities such as Hackathons and workshops will take place in the different phases of the project. Timur Friedman, from Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) and a member of the consortium, reveals a bit more about the Plenary: “EMBERS is getting ready for a major announcement regarding our November hackathon! This meeting in July is where we will put in place the plans. We have set aside an afternoon to discuss with local actors (developers and other interested parties) and there is tremendous interest; it is over subscribed.”