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Shared economy – giving is the new owning

  Stuff. We all know how messy it can become, especially when things are so expensive and short lived. Acquiring and owning possessions in such an unpredictable era, where you don’t know how the next days are going to be, is a tough challenge. It’s curious how our habits and routines have changed due to technology. And the way we buy and own stuff is one of them. With more than one reason related to it, the fact is that sharing is the new owning. Now you must be asking I’m not a hippie! How can I be sharing items? Well, it’s more obvious than you think and we have examples all around us. Shareconomy, collaborative consumption or even peer economy are some of the buzzwords to define this new hybrid market model of peer-to-peer exchange. Standing between owning and giving, sharing economies have had their boost due to online networks and companies, enhancing the benefits of online transactions. Now you’re thinking “great definition, but what does it really mean?” Ok, well, it’s better to show some examples. Just like Forbes says, if once having a car was a mark of status, today it’s even cooler to use services like Uber, Lyft, and many others that can give you a car only when you need one. Product platforms like Amazon or eBay are also great examples. Not just because they sell purely online, but because stars can literally guide you. Better explained, rating products online, as we see in these two platforms, is also a trend in a sharing economy, where users guide one another into their own journey. There are plenty other websites from different areas with this sharing spirit. Kickstarter (crowdfunding), Upwork (Freelancing) or Poshmark (fashion) are some of the many examples you can find in this Bern Marr’s opinion article on Forbes. Now it’s quite obvious and part of your daily routine, right? And do you know why we’re writing about it? Because EMBERS can improve your daily routine, within your sharing economy habits. It’s true! Imagine you’re driving around, sharing your car with other people, with Waze Carpool or BlaBlaCar, when you get to your final destination, and the major issue comes up: where will I park? That’s EMBERS’ moment to shine! Our combination of technological possibilities and real-time information will allow you to get directions up to the (best) available parking space with just a few finger slides on your screen. Truly magical, right? No more slow traffic or driving around the same block! It feels like a weight taken off your shoulders. Get in touch with us and find out how we can help you, we’d like to share our knowledge and resources as well. If you have something to add, let us hear your thoughts!